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Commitee Assignments
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2016-2017 Committee Assignments

Attendance Business Committee Career & Vocational Golf Scramble
Maria Santini-Bolin - C Ron Evans - C Jane Jennings - C Will Nichols - C
Jason Armbruster -CC John Beasley - CC Ed Trimmer - CC Stuart Chandler - CC
Francis Berry-Brown Jason Armbruster Rick Copeland Bob Augustin
Channing Cope Phil Hood Ethan Hadley Scott Beasley
Jimmy Hickman Jane Jennings Phil Hood Eddie Casteel
Pat Hollman Jeff Johnson Johnny McDaniels Channing Cope
James Keaton Keith Rohling Randy Milliken Tiffany Cope
Tad Keaton   Denny Miner Laura Fisher
Jay Moore   Jay Moore Sid Garner
Ricky Skillington Club History Polly Powell Marsh Sissy Garner
Todd Tingle Neal Beard - C Belinda Romer Shane Hill
Paul Wayne Bill Phillips - CC Paul Wayne John Johnstone
  Bob Augustin   Tad Keaton
  John Birdsong   Greg Kelso
Classification Jim Buie Environmental Danny Lee
Scott Beasley - C Jim Bush Phil Hood - C Matthew Lineberry
Paul Wayne - CC Virgil Crowder Heath Hill - CC Wanda Newell
Jason Armbruster James Johnston Charlie Brewer Bill Phillips
Charlie Brewer Ricky Skillington Tonya Longshore Mary Prukop
Bill Caudle Harold Webb Skip Massey Keith Rohling
Virgil Crowder   Polly Powell Marsh Jim Ward
Ricky Skillington      
Todd Tingle Food Committee Honduras Fund Raiser  
Ardeen Walters Jim Ward - C Rick Copeland - C Human Development
  Eddie Casteel - CC James Johnson - CC Keith Rohling - C
  Ron Bond Jason Armbruster Maria Santini-Bolin - CC
Family of Rotary Kenny Heald Neal Beard Scott Beasley
Matthew Lineberry - C Belinda Romer Mark Brown Laura Fisher
Phil Hood - CC Roy Ross Bill Caudle Sid Garner
Lynn Burns Harold Webb Scott Fincher Sissy Garner
Tiffany Cope   Pat Hollman Ben Gobble
Sid Garner   Jane Jennings Heath Hill
Sissy Garner Four Way Test Matthew Lineberry Shane Hill
Jane Jennings Donnie Morris - C Bill Phillips Pat Hollman
Denny Miner Jason Jones - CC Polly Powell Marsh Jane Jennings
Donna Pack Matthew Lineberry Bert Spearman Tad Keaton 
Keith Rohling Denny Miner Harold Webb Nathan Lenss
Maria Santini-Bolin Will Nichols Jack Wiley Chad Moore
Mark Short     Will Nichols
      Christa Simmons
      Christi Thompson
      Teresa Walker
      Steve Wright
Info/Website/Bulletin Interact International Youth Parks Long Range Planning
John Johnstone - C Will Nichols - C Jack Grinnell - C Heath Hill - C
Bill Phillips - CC Stuart Chandler - CC Polly Powell Marsh - CC Todd Tingle - CC
John Birdsong Jane Jennings Jane Jennings John Beasley
Charlie Crawford Tonya Longshore James Johnston Scott Beasley
Jodi Gambrell Denny Miner John Johnstone Jack Grinnell
Matthew Lineberry Wanda Newell Tonya Longshore Shane Hill
Tonya Longshore Polly Powell Marsh Denny Miner Pat Hollman
Jason Weaver Mary Prukop   Jane Jennings
  Belinda Romer   John Johnstone
Membership Development   New Member Orientation Tad Keaton
Jason Armbruster - C   Bill Phillips - C Greg Kelso
Pat Hollman - CC Membership Recruiting Mary Prukop - CC Mary Prukop
Scott Beasley Scott Beasley -C Jon Guthrie Keith Rohling
Tina Holt Jeff Noblin - CC Jane Jennings Roy Ross
Chad Moore Jimmy Hickman James Johnston Billy Story
Polly Powell Marsh Jane Jennings Denny Miner Jim Ward
  Polly Powell Marsh Polly Powell Marsh Steve Wright
MTDF Ed Trimmer Steve Rogers  
Heath Hill - C   Maria Santini-Bolin  
Todd Tingle - CC   Glen Woodall Tractor Pull - Spring Event
John Beasley Nominating Committee   Heath Hill - C
Jack Grinnell Bert Spearman - C Program Committee Todd Tingle - CC
Pat Hollman Charlie Brewer Sissy Garner - C Bob Augustin
Tad Keaton Ron Evans Randy Brewer - CC Channing Cope
Keith Rohling Jack Grinnell Jodi Gambrell Laura Fisher
Steve Wright Pat Hollman Tina Holt Sid Garner
All Other Event Chairman   Matthew Lineberry Shane Hill
    Tonya Longshore Phil Hood
Public Relations Scholarships Ardeen Walters Tad Keaton
Bill Phillips - C Jane Jennings - C   Greg Kelso
Sissy Garner - CC Ed Trimmer - CC Sergeant at Arms Danny Lee
John Birdsong Laura Fisher Todd Tingle - C Matthew Lineberry
Bill Caudle Tina Holt Will Nichols - CC Tonya Longshore
Wanda Newell Phil Hood Denny Miner Denny Miner
Maria Santini-Bolin John Johnstone Truman Orton Will Nichols
Todd Tingle Denny Miner John Webb Keith Rohling
Ardeen Walters Will Nichols   Maria Santini-Bolin
  Belinda Romer   Billy Story
Rotary Foundation Paul Wayne World Comm. Service Jim Ward
Bill Phillips - C Steve Wright James Johnston - C Margaret Weathers
Neal Beard - CC   Neal Beard - CC Steve Wright
John Beasley Song Leader Pat Hollman  
Bill Caudle Bob Augustin - C Jason Jones   
Jane Jennings John Johnstone - CC Bill Phillips  
Denny Miner David Allen Bert Spearman  
Polly Powell Marsh Bill Caudle Jack Wiley  
Mary Prukop Jimmy Hickman Steve Wright  




2016 MTDF Steering & Executive Committee


Keith Rohling                                                

Heath Hill                                                       

Todd Tingle                                                   

Keith Rohling                                                

Pat Hollman                                                  

Jack Grinnell                                                 

John Beasley                                                  

Steve Wright                                                  

Patty Hollman                                             

Club President

EC Fair Manager

EC Asst. Manager

EC VIP/ Jumbotron

EC Operations

EC Public Safety

EC Treasurer

EC Assistant Manager

EC Secretary/Office Staff


Event Coordinators



Bob Augustin

Jason Armbruster

Mark Short

Truman Orton

Bill Phillips                                                     

Jason Weaver/ Maria Santini-Bolin            

Billy Story/Scott Beasley                              

Sid Garner                                                     

Harold Webb/Jeff Johnson                          

Phil Hood                                                     

Randy Brewer                                               

Will Nichols                                                    

Scott Fincher                                                           

Jay Moore        

Donna Pack/ Gina Old                                

Tad Keaton                                                    

Tiffany Cope                                                 

Todd Tingle                                                   

Christa Simmons                                           

Chris Inman                                                  

Greg Holt                                                       



Ag Building

Cattle Barn



Commercial Exhibits


Gate Staffing

Insurance / Rotary Parking


Senior Citizens Day



Public Safety

Beauty Pageant

Arena Coordinator / Demo Derby

Concert / Live Music Series

Tractor Pull

Moto X / School Days

Tough Truck / W. G. Wade Shows

Junk Car Jump and Run