Weathers Addresses Rotary Club


by Bob Augustin Jr.




Polly, David Weathers & J. W.


    Cincinnatti Reds Pitcher and Lawrence County native David Weathers was the guest speaker at the January 23, 2009 meeting of the Lawrenceburg Rotary Club.  Weathers congratulated the Rotary Club for being named the Tennessee Champion of Champion Fair for 2008.  He said that great things, such as the Middle Tennessee District Fair, don't happen by accident.  Weahters stated that his definition of success is when preparation and opportunity meet.

     Weathers thanked the Rotary Club for its continued support of the David Weathers Charities, Inc., whose mission  is to champion causes for children in Lawrence County, including both educational and physical opportunities. The DWC fundraiser this past October raised $58, 000 for the charity.   The Weathers Basketball Court in Rotary Park was constructed with a grant from the David Weathers Charities, Inc. and  matching funds from the Rotary Club.

     When asked about future DWC projects, Weathers stated he was looking at several projects:  tennis courts and LCHS and LHS, computers in each of the County's high school libraries which would allow students to attend classes being held at another Lawrence County high school, one example being students at LCHS could attend classes being held at Summertown High or Loretto High;  and scholarships for County students.  Weathers qualified that DWC does not give donations to individuals, but sought to donate funds to projects that affected the greatest number of people at a time.

    Pictured above are Rotary President Polly Marsh, David Weathers and Rotarian J. W. Durham.